About the Providence Police & Firefighters Retirement Association

Welcome to the new website for the Providence Police and Firefighters’ Retirement Association. This website has been created in order to keep all members informed of new and ongoing issues affecting all of us. It is also our hope to promote the sharing of ideas among the board and all of our members, no matter how far away from Providence they may be.


As it grows, this site will provide a number of tools to aid in the process of keeping us an informed and unified force in the active fight to protect and preserve our rightful benefits. It shall remain a priority of this association to provide an effective advocate for all members and spouses as individuals backed by the whole of the membership. There is strength in numbers and we intend to use this strength to protect our own.


There are no divisions recognized in our association. Whether you opted in or opted out in the COLA agreement makes no difference in your representation regarding other important issues we are currently fighting. Our goal is to be proactive, not reactive, to future concerns.


We intend to create a monthly calendar on this site listing all up-coming meetings as well as other important political and social events. There will be an open blog so that all concerned may have a forum to speak their minds. The website will contain a membership sign up area for the site and for the association. This will include an e-mail registration so that we are able to quickly share important information to the entire membership with a single message.


The prompt dissemination of accurate information to all our members, communication between all members and the solidarity of our association is imperative if we are going to be successful in our endeavors. This site will be an important tool in realizing this goal.

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