Alcohol & Drug Assistance Hotline

Any member who is in need of assistance due to alcohol, drug or mental health issues for themselves or family members can call our Hotline (401) 533-2423 any time day or night! Or if you prefer you can contact (401) 345-1901 (Tom Kenney – Retired PFD) or (401) 649-9517 (Dave Curry – Retired PFD) at any time and we will make sure you are assisted in finding the help that you need. All contact and any information conveyed will be completely confidential.


PPFRA announces the formation of our Health & Wellness Committee headed by retired  PFD George Kain (401) 258-6166. He will have the authority to disperse anonymous physical or financial help to members in dire need. Primarily, but not exclusively, due to health related issues. Financial assistance will be limited to a maximum of $1,000 per member on a one time basis.


Any member may contact the above mentioned committee member on behalf of themselves or another PPFRA member. All contacts will be held in the strictest confidence and anonymity. He will have the ability to arrange help or pay to (or for) a member without divulging member’s identity.


Just some of the examples of cases which might be applicable… arranging travel to and from meetings or medical visits, assistance in paying for medical bills or medications, building a handicap accessible ramp for a members home or purchase of wheelchairs, etc.

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