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Greetings. My name is Tom Kenney. Most of the retired firefighters know me but I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself to the retired police officers in this association.

I recently retired (12/31/15) from the PFD after 35 years working the trucks. I worked at Branch Ave., Messer St., Humboldt Ave. and 17 years at Mt. Pleasant Ave. riding as a Lieutenant on Engine 15. I retired as a Captain on Engine 5 on the East Side.

I have been a staunch supporter of our union, IAFF Local 799, and a frequent critic via commentaries in Projo and GoLocalProv of the current mayor’s administration – especially Commissioner Pare. Due to this criticism Pare conducted a personal attack on me in the Providence Journal. Without getting into particulars here, if you have read these attacks and have a concern about my integrity you can read my rebuttal here –

About a month or so ago I was approached by Tom Johnston about helping the PPFRA, primarily as a writer and administrator to the new website being launched. I am happy to join the team and lend any assistance I can to help this association and its members. After spending most of my life working the streets with other firefighters and police officers from Providence I have the utmost respect for the work we’ve done and the benefits we’ve “earned”. The voice I’ve shared in support of the PFD and its members over the years has made me proud to have called out politicians and administration on their mismanagement. I would like to be able to share that same voice in defense of the benefits and issues regarding this association as I begin to shift gears into retirement.

As it is the intent of the leaders of this association to be proactive in its approach to current and future issues concerning our members, so to I will attempt to be proactive in the issues I address in a monthly column on this website. As stated in the introduction article this month we intend to seek out and address issues and questions from members. I look forward to finding out what issues are important to individuals as well as the whole of the membership.

I have a lifetime of experience regarding issues of the active PFD members and a casual understanding of the issues of our retired firefighters. That understanding is growing as I maneuver my way through the process. I really have little understanding of the issues of active PPD or retired police officers that may differ from the firefighter perspective. Going forward I would love to sit over a cup of coffee, or a glass of beer, with some of our law enforcement retirees to gain some valuable insight on your unique perspective.

Until next month – stay safe…and healthy!

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the monthly commentary “The Way I See It” are Tom Kenney’s and not necessarily those of The Providence Police & Firefighters Retirement Association.

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