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As an association we are only as good as our collective voice. This is true in most of life’s endeavors. This is why we all belonged to our respective labor unions while we were employed by the City of Providence. There is no doubt in my mind that unions, groups or organizations which can collectively represent and fight for many individuals at once is the one thing that gives the working man a fighting chance to get ahead.

When it comes to taking on those with power, whether it be an individual, a corporation or a government entity the ability to stand together is the only way we can give ourselves a fighting chance. We’ve all heard the old adage, “you can’t fight City Hall”. While that may be true for myself it is not true for our association. We must always leave our differences on the floor of our meetings and face City Hall united as one.

We are dedicated to protecting our members and all our hard-earned benefits no matter what the cost. And…when it comes to guarding our benefits and protecting our members we must always remain vigilant and always be pro-active.

With this in mind we are attempting to position ourselves as a power to be reckoned with in city and state politics. This is why it is extremely important that all our members register their e-mail addresses, and their mobile phone numbers, with us via our website as soon as possible. It is only through prompt reaction from the entire membership that our voices will be heard as one during future political battles. Both the city and state political system can move very quickly sometimes and not being able to organize at once can be the difference of having our voice heard or not.

I am in the process of gathering this information so that we can reach everyone with a single e-mail or text. This data base will allow us to inform members of important issues as quickly as possible. Effective communication and accurate information is always an asset.

I am also hoping to gather a data base of medical information reflecting the past, current and ongoing health problems faced by retired Providence police officers and firefighters. It is my belief that we face a number of job related health issues in much higher numbers than the general public. If we can establish a common link we can use that information to guard against any future attack on our health benefits. I will create a questionnaire on the website in the very near future. Once this is done a member will be able to fill out this form and either e-mail it to me or mail it to our office. It will be completely confidential.

Until next month
Stay safe…and healthy!

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the monthly commentary “The Way I See It” are Tom Kenney’s and not necessarily those of The Providence Police & Firefighters Retirement Association.

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